We are pleased to announce the following features are now available within the Provision Map software. Please refer to our Knowledgebase on how to use these new features.

Safeguarding Features

We now allow the main DSL to access the “Staff Details” page, but only to enable the “Access safeguarding issues” permission for staff members (if user also has School Admin permission they will see all permissions).

  • Redacting names on printouts and in software in SG

When choosing to print a Safeguarding incident, we now offer the option to redact the document. The redaction’s will be remembered whenever you go to print the document. You can only redact a Safeguarding printout when printing individual safeguarding incidents, not via bulk printing.

  • Safeguarding dashboard

When DSL Users click on the ‘Safeguarding’ tab they will now see a Safeguarding Dashboard containing tile boxes, a real-time activity feed and graphs.

We have added a ‘Send acknowledgement’ button to the incident log. Clicking this will bring up an email template users can send to the teacher who submitted the concern.

In school settings, you can create multiple, custom Safeguarding Stages. When you create a custom stage you must associate it to either ‘Open’, ‘Closed’ or ‘Archived’. The stages then will behave exactly like those three status’ currently do but under a different name. 

In the ‘Share’ popup on an incident log you are able to send reminders to staff to look at the incident.

New school setting added –

“Prevent Staff Allegations Being Submitted” – No by default

If submitters tick the staff allegation tickbox it will show the “Member of staff involved” text and remove the option to submit concern. We recommend putting instructions in for what the next steps for staff to take are.

DSLs are able to edit the concern after being submitted. This action is recorded in the incident log and previous concerns .

On a pupil’s safeguarding profile we have added new tickboxes to make it easier to print chronologies for pupils.

1 “Include DSL only meeting logs”

2) “Include archived incidents”

3) “Download as zip file (includes files)” which has a PDF of the chronology and then files separately attached and referenced.

Other Features

Users can now run a ‘Plan Outcome’ report.

Templates can now have forced page breaks.

  • Share files from Provision Map to Class Charts

Non-Confidential Files uploaded directly to the pupil profile can now be shared to Class Charts.

We have added a new setting to enable this feature – ‘Allow files to be shared between Provision Map and Class Charts’Disabled by default.

The shared files can be viewed by anyone in Class Charts with the SEN info permission.

  • Add new breakdown – Review

Users can now use ‘Review’ as a breakdown on theProvision outcome’ report.

  • Text box under each costing in provisions

Users can now use text boxes under each cost in a provision  to detail what the money is being spent on. These boxes are not included in printouts.

For any further information or queries please contact us at support@edukey.co.uk.