Safeguarding software
for schools

Safeguard my School is the easy and effective way to manage safeguarding of your students.

“We started using the Safeguarding part of provision mapper last week and it is FANTASTIC, really great and easy to use, thank you very much for making my life as DSL easier


Caroline Warren
Head of Student SafeguardingTiverton High School

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Packed with all the features a Safeguarding Lead needs

Meet Safeguarding Obligations
Staff know all concerns have been fully recorded. This ensures compliance with all current legislations, standards & guidance.
Saves Time! No More Paper Trails!
Simple and easy to use, no lengthy form-filling. This reduces staff time, paperwork and administration.
Individual Profiles
Comprehensive data dashboards enable the early identification of safeguarding risks and trends across all safeguarding concerns.
Quick Reports At Your Fingertips
Powerful reporting tools deliver management reports for safeguarding leads, senior leaders, governing bodies and local authorities.

Works on any device

Quick, secure & role-based access from any web-enabled device. You control who has access and how the system is used.

Chronology Building

Quick and easy way to record securely all of the information you have on a child in one place & in chronological order.

Outstanding safeguarding software for schools.

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