School Robins is a massive timesaver for school staff who need to gather and collate information from their colleagues.

Up-to-date and organised information at your fingertips

School Robins is an information gathering tool for school leaders and teachers. Just create an information request (aka Round Robin) about a student, group or topic. Each chosen member of staff receives an email and staff replies are neatly collated into reports, providing you with up to date information at your fingertips.

“I just love how I don’t have to hunt through my emails to find responses from staff to an information request.”

Abigail Hawkins

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Save time and stay organised with information requests from staff

Collate Information
Ever sent an email about a pupil and had a jumble of replies in your inbox?

School Robins keeps everything organised, all staff responses are automatically attached to the pupil.

Better than Email
Just write your School Robin, choose the staff you need an answer from and press send.

You can even use our handy “Select all staff who teach this pupil”.

Huge Time Saver
Less time walking around school and tracking down staff for answers.

You can see who has replied, send reminders and even ask for updates.

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