Pupil Passport / Pupil Profile

Provision Maps helps SENCOs to share the key information about students in a variety of formats. From comprehensive plans that fully meet the requirements of the SEND Code of Practice to Passports or One-page-profiles.

  • Fully customisable – you choose what the headings will say
  • Bullet points or formattable text fields – the choice is yours
  • Insert pictures, use colours, change the font size or style, or highlight text

Fully customisable

From writing in the pupil voice (Things I struggle with, Things I enjoy, You can help me by…) to written in a more formal tone (Barriers to learning, Support provided, Future aspirations). Each inserted under their own coloured band in our distinctive layout.

Design your passport or pupil profile in the school settings and have it applied to every account, but still maintain the ability to add (or delete) a field on individual passports.

Bullets or formattable

Choose from list tiles which allow you to move the text into a more suitable order after typing or text tiles which allow you a greater range of flexibility over presentation.

Using text fields you can include…

  • Pictures
  • Colours of font or for highlighting
  • Font options including size, bold, italic and underline
  • Bullets (normal or numbered)