Provision Map – COVID-19

Continued Support & Remote Schooling Capability

In the event of school closures: Provision Map is working hard to assist SENCOs, pupils and parents during this crisis.

Please click here to watch a series of masterclasses to help you to get the most out of Provision Map.

Our team are well prepared and will maintain service over the coming weeks.

Help around parent accounts and external agencies is below, please get in touch if you need training on any of our modules.

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Find out how other schools are using Provision Map effectively during school closures.

Heather Barnby, deputy head and SENCO from John Taylor Free School speaks about how Provision Map has aided them with remote schooling.

How can we help?

We have a range of features that we think can assist during this difficult time and are working hard right now to develop more.

The important initial action school’s should take is distribution of parent accounts and ensuring that you have staff access set up.

We think the following will assist you:

Core pupil data/SEND Register

Core pupil data/SEND Register – it may be the case that you cannot access your SIMS server from home but if you are a School Admin in Provision Map then core pupil data will be available in there alongside any aspects you have added to the system in Admin > Pupil details.

Parent Accounts

Parent Accounts – if you do not already use this feature you will need to turn it on in Admin > School Settings. You can use it as a communication tool to send messages to families and for them to send one back to you. There is also an option to share their current plans and one page profiles as read only documents, along with a list of the provisions they are involved in. You will need to share the code for each pupil with the family and they will need to create an account on our website.

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COVID-19 Funding Streams

COVID-19 Funding Streams – with the allocated £80/head coming into school to support ‘catch-up’ following lockdowns, it is important that schools can quickly and easily see what this money has been allocated against and measure its impact. From the tutoring scheme to the provision of additional counselling, what are you doing with the money? Use the Funding Streams within Provision Map to track this and provide comprehensive reports to your governing boards. Funding streams is available to all schools and you can access the settings through Admin > School Settings > Funding Streams

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External Agencies

External AgenciesYou can share pupils plans as a read only or read and write access with external agencies. This should help with trying to stay on top of any statutory requirements around reviews (the government have not relaxed the requirement for reviews to take place on time but have recognised that they may need to take place remotely). If your SEN pupils are attending another hub then you could share the information with a key individual over at their new ‘school’. You can enable this by going to Admin > School Settings > External Agencies.

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School Robins

School Robins – This invaluable tool is used to support your communications with staff regarding pupils, collating information about children in one place without the need to log into various email accounts and copy/paste responses. With remote schooling in place, School Robins will be able to provide a quick and easy solution to gathering information on your key pupils from staff, wherever they may be. Your Senior Leadership Team will certainly appreciate the ease of communicating with staff that this tool will provide, please do point them to it. 


Safeguarding submissions by guest staff

Safeguarding submissions by guest staff – With staff being stationed in different schools, there may still be a time where they will need to submit a safeguarding concern regarding a pupil in their care. We are developing a new feature where you do not need to add staff to your school list in order for them to report a safeguarding concern. Provide them with the hyperlink as you would other staff and they will be able to enter their details. Don’t forget they will need to know the school password.

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Class Charts Wellbeing

Class Charts Wellbeing – There is no doubt that the modern world is having an impact on pupils’ wellbeing, especially now with COVID-19 forcing home learning. Schools who already have Class Charts will be using the Wellbeing module that integrates with Provision Map, designed to help schools track the wellbeing of their pupils. With our intuitive approach, we empower schools with the tools they need to monitor the wellbeing of the pupils in their care and put early support in place. Submissions can be made by teachers, pupils and parents with alerts being sent to key staff.

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Disable Review Reminders & change review dates

Disable Review Reminders & change review dates – It is likely that many schools will be coming up for their review periods. Within Admin > School Settings > Reviews, there is an option to turn off review reminders.  You can change review dates on individuals easily, but if you are a large school with over 100 reviews due, please get in touch and we will see what we can do to help with changing the date.

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Contact us

Contact us if you have any questions with regards to removing IP white-listing restrictions.

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With schools closed, we at Edukey have gathered together some of the best known names in the SEN world to offer a series of webinars to support you as SENCOs.  These webinars will be FREE to attend and aim to look at the implications of the closure through an SEN lens along with some general SEN CPD. 

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