Transition tool setup process

The transition tool allows pupil documents on the Provision Map platform to be transferred between shared pupils across multiple school accounts. This allows documents to be transferred between specific schools where a shared pupil (active or archived) is present. (Pupil details are not transferred using this process, only pupils documents)

Documents that can be transferred:

  • Plans

  • Provisions

  • Passports

  • Meeting logs

  • Attached files

  • Safeguarding issues

Before schools can use the transition tool an authorisation and setup process is necessary. Each of the schools are initially added to the transition cluster in a pending state. The Main School Admin from each school must give permission before the school is active in the cluster.

Staff with admin access can complete the transition transfers at any time without interference from Edukey staff (*as long as transfer requirements are met). Once the setup process is complete the transition tool is designed to be centrally controlled by users.

Setup process:

1.)  Please provide a full list of all involved schools (name and postcode). This information is important so that no schools are missed during the setup process. (Please ignore this step if all school names have already been provided)

2.) All schools are added to the cluster in a pending state. (Tool is unavailable and no data is shared with other schools until approved)

3.) Main School Admin approves access for their school (Guide for completing this process). Staff with admin permissions will now have access to the transition tool in the approved account.

4.) Documentation and guides on using the transition tool (request/accept process) will be provided and online training over the phone/screenshare with staff can be organised if required.

*Transfer Requirements:

The same pupil is on both accounts before a data transfer can begin – Pupils must match by First Name, Surname, DOB and Pupil ID.

Both schools are in the same cluster – Transition transfers can only occur when both schools are in the same cluster.

Pupil has at least one available file/document in the outgoing school