How to use passport text tiles

Passports allow you to enter information in two main formats: Text tiles and List tiles. To start adding text tiles to your passports, either create a new passport or edit an existing passport.

Next, either scroll down to the Pupil passport tiles section of the passport, or click on Passport tiles in the navigation menu.

You will be presented with the Pupil passport tiles section of the passport. If you have set up default passport tiles in School Settings, they will be displayed in this section. Click on the add text tile button to create a new text tile.

A popup will appear, prompting you to enter a name for the new text tile. Click on the OK button once you have entered a name.

The new text tile will then be added to the Pupil passport tiles section. Each text tile has a character limit of 800 characters.

Above the text area, you’ll see several formatting options. These options allow you to format highlighted text to bold, italics, underlined or remove the applied formatting.

Adding images to a text tile

Text tiles also support the ability to upload images to your passport. To add an image, click on the image icon above the text tile’s text area.

A popup will appear, asking you to insert an image. You can either upload the image via the built in Choose Files button, or supply an image link in the Image URL field. Click on the Insert Image button once you have selected your image.

The selected image will then appear within the text tile. where it can be edited to your preferences.

The image can be scaled in size by either dragging the image’s corners or by using the percentage buttons. The image can also be positioned in the text area via the float buttons. Click on the bin button to delete the image.