This used to send a cold chill down my spine every year.  When I was a Primary SENCO it was making sure I’d passed on all relevant information, as a Secondary SENCO it was making sure I’d got everything I needed and hadn’t missed anyone out.  And what about those mid-year transfers?

It would have been so much simpler if I could have clicked a few buttons and the information appear on my screen or get sent to the right school…

With the new Transitions module from Provision Maps, that is exactly what I can do.  Provided both the schools involved have a live subscription to the program you can now arrange immediate transfer of your files electronically.  (Of course, you will still need to send over/collect your paper records at some point.)

Why would I want to do this?


A Primary school transferring to a Secondary…

  • The Secondary school they transfer to makes the request for the files; no more worrying that the student information file has gone to the right school (we know how they can change their mind at the last minute!)
  • No delays experienced with the postal system.
  • Files can be transferred before the end of the term so Secondary schools can begin informing their staff and yet you can continue to add information.
  • You have control over what you send to them…even if they request the ‘meeting logs’ you do not have to approve sending them (although, they probably would find it helpful.)
  • You do not have to track down a dog-eared paper copy in the Y6 teacher’s file.


A Secondary receiving from a Primary…

  • Early access to information as soon as you know who is coming onto your school roll.
  • Being a part of ongoing reviews.
  • No waiting for paper files that might have gone to the Commonly Fed Secondary in error (or parents have changed their mind).
  • Same day transfer possible if everything already in place.


School to school transfer…

  • Same day transfer possible if everything in place (helpful if transferring to PRU or special school)

Why is this helpful?  You know what you have in the system for your pupils.  Wouldn’t it be great to have all that information at your fingertips with a new starter?  These are our most vulnerable students and we owe it to them to make sure that we are all working together, this is an ideal way to improve communication between establishments and ensure that smooth transition that we all strive for.  For the receiving school they can request all the interventions/provisions you’ve already tried with the young person along with their reviews and also any plans and/or passports you have in place. No more floundering in the dark setting up an intervention to find they actually already tried that one, unsuccessfully, 6 months ago.  And no offending parents by setting a classroom target that they’ve already achieved (we all read ‘low literacy level’ and interpret it differently.)

And most importantly?  It’s a secure, rapid and less time-consuming manner in which to ensure we best support our SEN pupils right from the very beginning to the very end of their time with each us.

Why not contact us and have a chat about the new Transitions Module?