The SEND Advisory team

Number: 07581005792 / 01164 422711
The area they cover: National

Background & experience:

Kate is an Independent Education Consultant specialising in SEND/ Whole School Improvement, working across the education sector.

Kate has experience of working across all age ranges of education – from birth through to post 16. She has vast experience to include that of Leadership, SENCo, Local Authority SEND Advisory Role, and Regional SEND lead. Kate has experience at a leadership level, across MATS and Local Authority, and has developed a positive reputation in driving improvement. Her reputation in the SEND field is substantial, having successfully worked with schools from those in special measures through to Outstanding.

Kate started The SEND Advisory Team to develop exceptional SEND practice and provisions with Kate consulting on Whole School SEND development, leadership and SEND compliance. Kate continues to grow a team of specialists who work for The SEND Advisory Team, offering specialist assessments for pupils who’s SEND needs require exploration. Kate is one of the leading SEND consultants on The SENCo forum, is prominent across social networks and also sits on the board of Trustees for a MAT.

Kate is approachable and a professional that is highly regarded. Her testimonials speak for themselves!


Services offered:

Kate works with MATs and Local Authority schools; working with CEOs, Headteachers, SENCo’s and teaching staff to develop SEND practice across education.  The service offered is bespoke and tailored to meet your needs.

Some of our most popular strategic work includes: 

  • Detailed and independent SEND Auditing/ Reviews; identifying what is working well and areas for development against the SEND Code of Practice and Ofsted criteria. A detailed SEND audit can provide information, resulting in the removal of barriers for learning, increased attendance and progress, higher engagement and enjoyment, and lower exclusion rates. A full SEND audit covers the following aspects;
  • Whole staff SEND training to include specific learning difficulties to ensure your staff are fully prepared for teaching SEND and removing barriers to learning.
  • Guidance and support for leadership teams to develop effective SEND practice across the provision.
  • SEND focused ‘Deep Dives’ and triangulation of SEND provision.
  • SEND focused lesson observations/ learning walks and feedback to support identification of quality practice and areas for development.
  • Supporting SENCOs to ensure Ofsted readiness.
  • Supporting new SENCOs to ensure that they have the best possible start through a nurturing coaching and mentoring program.
  • SEND action plans and Post Ofsted Action Plans (POAP) support to ensure impact and development of SEND.
  • SEND finances and re-structures to ensure cost effective and positive impact.
  • Development of the graduated response and implementation into classroom practice (to include lesson observations).
  • Developing impact measured, user friendly and SMART individualised action plans (IEPs/ Passports) and implementation.
  • Working with you to ensuring an effective intervention program is embedded, impact measured and delivered effectively.
  • Development of user friendly and purposeful provision mapping
  • Governance support: Supporting governing bodies through SEND guidance and compliance.


Child focused services:

  • Child specific observations and full assessments to support identification of specific difficulties.
  • Child specific strategies to support progress and remove barriers to learning.
  • EHCP: Effective application writing, evidence collection, costings, and implementation to ensure success.
  • EHCP tribunal support.
  • Development of Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEP) and Personal Handling Plans (PHP).
  • Child and teacher specific staff training to support pupils and teaching staff through specific difficulties. 

SEND Consultants

Find a selection of our handpicked SEND Consultants. They are the best in the field and deliver the highest quality training, consultancy and go to guys for anything SEND related.