How to share a plan with an external agency

If enabled by your School administrator, you can share plans created in Provision Map with external agencies.

When creating a new learning plan or editing an existing plan, either scroll down to the External agencies section or click on the External agencies option in the navigation menu.

You will be presented with the External agencies section. This is where you can manage which external parties the plan has been shared with and the duration of their access.

To share the plan, click on the Share plan with an agency button.

The Invite external agency popup will appear. Enter the agency’s details into the form provided and click on the Send invite button.


Sharing all active plans with an agency

If you would like to grant the agency access to all of a pupil’s active plans, tick the checkbox labelled Share all current plans for the selected pupil.

A second, optional checkbox will appear labelled Include confidential plans for the selected pupil. Tick this checkbox if you want the agency to view the pupil’s active confidential plans.


Sharing provisions with an agency

If you would like to grant the agency access to all of a pupil’s provisions, tick the checkbox labelled Share provisions list. The provisions list will then appear on the shared plan if it includes the Provisions section.


Agency confirmation

Once invited, the agency will receive an invitation email that provides them with a sign up page and an Access code for the shared plan. Until the code has been applied to their account, the agency’s status will be displayed as Waiting for agency.