How to apply guidelines to a concern category

In Safeguard my School you to add guidance text to concern categories, allowing you to leave advisory information when staff report safeguarding concerns.

To assign guidance text to a concern category, mouse over the Admin tab at the top of the page and select the School Settings option from the drop down menu.

Next, either scroll down to the Safeguarding section of the page or click on the Safeguarding option in the side menu.

You will see a list labelled Concerns under the Safeguarding heading. This list contains all of the concern categories that are available when reporting a concern. Click on the Edit option for the concern you would like to apply guidance text to.

A pop up dialog will appear. Enter your instructions into the text box labelled Guideline text and click on the OK button once you have finished.

Viewing guidelines when reporting a concern

Once a category has been set up to include guidelines, your staff will be able to access the included information. Mouse over the Admin tab at the top of the page and select the Report concern option from the drop down menu to begin reporting a safeguarding concern

After logging in to your school’s safeguarding portal, select the category you applied guidelines to from the Concerns drop down menu.

You will see a stub for the category within the Guideline Text section of the text area. Click on the stub.

The guideline stub will be expanded, revealing the guidance text that was set up earlier.