Bury Church of England High School

Bury Church of England High School is a voluntary aided comprehensive school located just south of Bury town centre. School was founded in 1748. We have just under 900 students in total.


What problems did you face which you wanted resolving?
As SEN manager I needed an overview of all pupils on our SEND register, what intervention they are receiving not just in our department but in the wider school. Prior to Edukey provision Map this was a time-consuming never-ending task that constantly needed amending. Collating the information was extremely challenging always feeling not enough hours in the day to complete.

When annual review meetings were held we had a very basic overdue of what an individual pupil attended. As the costing element was introduced to the new EHCP process this was another challenge to face.

Problems faced on a daily basis:

  • The above processes were firstly completed on paper before progressing to excel spreadsheets…..
  • Limited knowledge of what pupils were receiving across the wider school
  • Unable to accurately cost interventions
  • Not having the information in one place 


Has it been easy to get started?
Before we purchased the licence, we had several companies that we looked into and Edukey provision map was by far the easiest but yet sophisticated to use. We went to see how another school used it before we committed. From the minute we decided to have it everything has run seamlessly, training is simple and readily available and constant support is accessed by phone or email. Any issues are resolved with ease.


What do you like the most?
One of the many things I like about the system is that all staff in school have access.


What has been the impact on workload?
Like anything new at first its adjusting to using a new system but once you are confident in using it its an essential tool in my daily job.

The system pulls together everything you need to know about pupils and is so accessible by every member of staff.

My workload has probably increased but for the better as I and my team of 10 log everything that is in addition to for pupils on our register so this gives an accurate account of what each individual is getting which is a massive improvement from previous procedures used.


How has it impacted on SEND provision?
Provision is logged correctly and plans are reviewed indicating progress being made, exit criteria or still an area of need for pupils. Which means pupils are monitored more closely. 

A wrap around care and provision pack is bespoke to pupils needs.

This not only benefits our department but class teachers.


What are we like to work with a s a company?
Very efficient, reliable and proactive as a company to work with. You can always email or call and you are always passed to someone that can help. As I have had new staff started when I have phoned for training the company has been able to sort this every time.

I would and have recommended the company to others.


Lyndsey Wilson SEN Manager for our Department for Learning Support.