We are pleased to announce that the following features are now available within Provision Map.

Area Dashboard Improvements

  • National Baseline Statistics report has now been added at Area level (Reports > National Baseline Statistics). You are able to select upto 5 schools as individual schools or combined average, and upto 5 Local Authorities.
  • Pupil/School Summary – Add 4 main areas of concern and SEN Needs.
  • When running reports, you are now able to breakdown the report by ‘School Type’ (Primary, Secondary, All through etc.) and ‘Area’. You are also able to filter by ‘School Type’.
  • When breaking a report down by ‘Provision’, you are now have to option to ‘combine non-unique provision names’. This will help if you use MAT/Area wide provisions and would like to combine the total cost or outcome of those provisions.


  • When creating a new section within a plan template, the sections ‘custom fields’, ‘custom text areas’ and ‘tables’ will all be tabbed to make the page more manageable and responsive.

  • New School Setting: Ability to hide archived provisions from plans – School Settings > Include archived provisions in plans: Yes/No
  • New School Setting : Ability to hide confidential files names in plan printouts – School Settings > Display confidential files in plan printouts: Yes/N