MIS Connection for September


September is a busy month for everyone, so we would like to make sure that the connection between your MIS and Edukey products won’t be one of the issues you face at the start of Autumn term.

We often hear from schools that have made changes to their school network which has resulted in Wonde/Groupcall Xporter or XoD not working correctly (jobs failing and not extracting data).

If your tech/network manager is making any changes to the school network, please let us know (support@edukey.co.uk) so we can make sure that your sync will work smoothly in September.

Common issues would be;

  • Adding/changing/removing proxies
  • Adding/changing/removing firewalls
  • Moving SIMS servers
  • Resetting SIMS passwords
  • SIMS database being upgraded (when deploying a SIMS upgrade, double check the SIMS net client has been updated on the server where Wonde/Xporter/XoD is installed)
  • Changing your Internet Service Provider

If your tech team are changing any of the above then please ask them to get in touch by emailing support@edukey.co.uk and we will be more than happy to help.

If the network/tech contact has changed for your school, please let us know the new contact name, email address and contact number so we can update our records accordingly.

We are here to help – thanks for working with us!

Best wishes


Systems Operations Manager
Edukey Education Ltd