SEND pupils are 7x more likely to be excluded from school.

Class Charts is a behaviour management platform that works alongside Provision Map and makes it easy for SENCOs to monitor the behaviour of SEND pupils.

Improve and maximise on-task behaviour with Class Charts

✓ Use Class Charts to ensure all teachers are aware of learners’ needs
✓ Massively reduces low-level disruption and exclusions
✓ Superb visual representations of behaviour and learning data to help you monitor your SEND pupils’ behaviour
✓ Improves lesson involvement and boosts peer-to-peer learning

Integrates with Class Charts

Makes it easy for you to get SEND information to your teachers

Outstanding Classroom Management Solution


  • Time saving to create
  • Displays key pupil data
  • Syncs with MIS so always up to date


  • Quickly award points
  • Real-time activity feed helps reduce low level disruption
  • Powerful analysis/reports for SLT


  • Quickly set homework from within the class
  • Track homework submissions
  • Share with pupils & parents


  • Attach detentions to behaviours
  • Track attendance of set detentions
  • Inform parents of detentions
  • Instant detention reports

We make a huge impact in schools

Saved 500 pupil learning days

on average by schools that have introduced Class Charts.

Up to 20x faster

changing seating plans as identified by teachers in UK classrooms.

400% increase

in achievement points once a school comes on board.

Since using CLASSCHARTS at their school, 80% of staff believe it has had an IMPACT ON REDUCING LOW LEVEL DISRUPTION with 55% stating it has had a MAJOR IMPACT.

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